About Us

We are a small Company located in the Denver, Colorado area, serving small and medium size businesses.

Our core competency is Quality Management Systems Consulting, with additional related skills that are focused on assisting our Clients to achieve their objectives in the areas of productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our collective talent pool consists of independent, credentialed/certified Lead Auditors, Quality Engineers, and other specialties with decades of experience in their specific fields.

Our Services

Guidance/consulting to assist you in achieving ISO 9001 registration, or just improve your existing system.

Internal Auditing to either ISO 9001 or your own Quality Management System.

Documentation development or guidance to improve what may be in place.

Review of your Customer Satisfaction status and guidance to improve it.

Metrics development for key process areas within your Organization.

Training for any new or existing process/documentation.

Translation of your internal documents.

Process mapping.

How to Start our Relationship

Contact us via the information noted below.

A non-obligation consultation will follow.

We will execute an NDA thereafter.

Contacting Us

Voice, Messaging and Fax service: 877-658-8589

Email: info@tailwindcorp.com

Postal address:  POBox 139  -  Mead, CO 80542-0139